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Valerie Dolan - Health & Wellness

I just love all the positive feedback I get from clients and how I have helped change their lives for the better. Its the most rewarding part of my journey.

Sara P., Dublin – October 2020

A friend of mine recommended Valerie to me.  I was going through a difficult time enhanced by Covid.  I was attending GP for depression, anxiety and really finding it hard to cope with life and not in a good place.   My first impression of Valerie was what a warm kind soul she was.  When she asked me what I wanted from our sessions I said to be happy and to learn to like myself.   After our initial chat I booked 3 sessions.  Valerie has a wonderful way about her and has the ability to lift your spirit.  After the 1st session I felt different, probably best described as “lighter”.  The heaviness had started to lift. 

Valerie recommended our next session took place in 10 days, which I booked.  Again after the session, I felt so much better.  The weight that was on my shoulders was reducing, After the 3rd session I felt “new” and happy to say “liked myself”.   Valerie helped me reassess my life for which I will be ever grateful.  I commend Valerie for her intuitive, caring and sensitive nature and would highly recommend her empathetic health enhancing skills to anyone who needs help to restore balance and wellbeing around health issues. Thank you Valerie.

Sara P.

Fiona N,, Offaly – September 2020

Low Energy, Burn Out, Irritated

I reached out to Valerie for help as I felt burnt out, low in energy, overwhelmed and stressed.  I am a mother of two children under 5 years and I found that with the Covid restrictions I was really struggling.  Myself and my husband found that we were overeating and drink more than usual.  During my visit to Valerie I began to experience sensations through my body and it was on my drive home that I truly began to experience the benefits.  My temperament improved, my coping ability improved.  I felt it easier to deal with my emotions.  I am aware of my thoughts and can see that I am not putting myself under as much pressure to have things exactly right.  As part of the treatment we cleared some beliefs that were not helping me.  Valerie highlighted some affirmations that were show that would help me and I have been saying them since and find they are making a big difference.  I intend to go back and have a couple more sessions in the near future.

Fiona N.

David R. P., France – September 2020

Shoulder Pain

I am David a retired Engineer.  I live most of my life in Kenya.  During and after my retirement nearly two years ago, I began to experience shoulder pain.  It has reached a stage when I could not raise my right arm without severe pain.  It had put a stop to my tennis play and I was struggling with gardening among many other pastimes.  I reached out to Valerie through a facebook group of like minded people who used a method of Energy Healing called the Emotion Code to help people heal when nothing else seemed to work. 

I was stunned by how bringing awareness to and releasing emotional blocks that I was unable to process at the time would bring such ease to my shoulder.  Valerie was able to pin point exactly when in my life I had originally experienced these events, helped me to re-frame and release the appropriate information stored in my body causing all the pain and discomfort.  It took three treatments in all and now I am back playing tennis, gardening and painting.  I am so grateful to this work

David R.

Angela E., Manchester – September 2020

Chronic pain in shoulder blade and neck

Hi Valerie, I hope you are well.  I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and for your sessions/help and guidance. I work as an early years specialist practitioner and I was struggling for over 2 years with horrendous pain in my back and neck to the extent it was effecting my ability to work.  I have just been told the great news, I don’t have to have major back and neck surgery any more.  There has been a remarked improvement in my shoulder blade and neck to the point I am being discharged from hospital.  

I believe things happen for a reason.  I could not quiet work out the message/lesson at that time.  I connected with you and really took on board our sessions and your words of wisdom.  I tweaked my diet, cut right down on my alcohol, only a couple here and there and I meditate daily.  

I swim and do yoga every weak and now I am learning about healing through pain management.  We have begun walking several times a week but above all I have learned about self love and how to love myself and really listen to my body and what it is telling me I/it needs.  I really do thank you Valerie and wish you every success.

Angela E.

Ann D., Galway, Ireland. – October 2020

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Twenty odd years ago I had carpel tunnel syndrome in my right hand and had it operated on.  Recently, I began to experience the same sensations in my left hand and I really did not want to go through the same operation again.  The pain and discomfort I was experiencing was really beginning to impact negatively when I worked. 

I worked with Valerie and after the 1st treatment there was a 70% reduction in pain.  Valerie explained it can happen sometimes that quick for some others can take a little longer.  I was fascinated how exact the information she was able to access on when, why and how my body had created the blockage to get my attention to make a few changes in my life that were steps towards experiencing joy and happiness in my life. 

As I fulfilled the changes that were advised and followed up with a few more sessions, it gradually came to a stage where I was not experiencing the pain and discomfort anymore.

Ann D.

Niall B., Dublin Ireland – September 2020

Valerie was recommended to me by family during difficult times this year. Knowing little other than how Valerie might provide insight and direction in my predicament, I spoke with her in a lengthy skype call. The conversation was extremely thought provoking and made it clear that the most beneficial next step was an in-person healing session.

Upon arriving at Valerie’s lovely home in a blissfully relaxing location we spoke further about my past experiences which may inhibit my growth and energy flow. Explaining the concepts, terms and methodology clearly enough so I could understand the contents of the session, Valerie commenced the healing session incorporating Emotional Freedom Techniques which rooted out several issues. Learning about these blockages in my energy flow based on past traumas was unnerving but satisfying, knowing the issues were being actively dealt with.

Valerie provided me with ample support and opportunity to grow from these traumas. Arguably the most important factor to the experience Valerie provides through these sessions is the environment you dwell in whilst the sessions commence. The beautiful house painted and decorated with the intent of relaxation in mind allows you to focus completely on the deep, satisfying conversations facilitated by both Valerie and her partner Fiachra. Served good, clean food grown in the garden merely meters from the kitchen I’ve never felt more relaxed somewhere which wasn’t my own home. Smelling oils are present in the bathrooms and bedrooms for unwinding and meditation. The house is far away from the road so you can only hear conversation and the odd cat wandering about.

The flavourful and nourishing food leaves you feeling satisfied. The vibrant house and the quaint scenery. Almost all the senses are satisfied without taking into consideration the emotional/ mental release and benefits of sessions. After completing my integrative healing sessions with Valerie I returned home to find myself completely exhausted and worn out, left with a similar feeling to an intense day of physical labour. The energy which was moved through my system and the traumas which had been dealt with left me exhausted but significantly better mentally and emotionally.

I have since visited Valerie for sessions two further times, clearing more and more of my energy blockages which finding myself looking forward to the tranquility of the sessions and all those encompass. I have found myself energized, passionate and motivated to move along my path thanks to the assistance and insight of Valerie and value her not only as a fantastic teacher and practitioner of these healing techniques but also now as a friend.

I have since highly recommended many friends to Valerie and many have taken keen interest once told of both the processes and her expertise. I understand that some are less open to foreign concepts and teachings than others, but I found the sessions with Valerie invaluable and would not be in the better position I am in without that original Skype call.

Niall B.

Nora Hernandez, Texas – September 2020

My daughter recommended me to work with Valerie. From the moment we were in contact I felt a very, very strong connection and deep compassion. I am a mother and have been estranged from my children as a result of a difficult history with my husband. My marriage was arranged and I experienced many years of entanglements of an abusive nature. Valerie’s ability to hold space and help me to ground myself to clearly see how I was creating my story, I was creating my life’s difficulties because I had began to somehow disconnect from the love that I am.

I had not been able to hold my faith in my own worth and value in myself. Because I did not believe in myself as a creator, I attracted many experiences in my life that challenged me and nearly at times broke me and my spirit. I worked with Valerie for 3 sessions and even after the first one the heaviness of my aching heart began to dissolve. My reason for working with Valerie was to release that which was holding me back from getting a better job to support me and my family. Before the second session I had gotten a promotion in work. I applied and incorporated the recommendations that Valerie and I worked out were best suited for my growth. I now feel much lighter and feel an amazing clarity that I do not know if I have experienced before.

My future…I feel like something big is coming, I have an anxious feeling of anticipation of good. I have caught myself a couple of times feeling panic like something bad, but I turn that around quick using the techniques that Valerie brought to my attention. For the most part I feel this inner energy that I haven’t had before, excited about future. I hope that makes sense.

Nora H.

Sheila P. Dublin, Ireland – October 2020

My opening line when I contacted Valerie earlier this year was – I feel completely lost, I don’t know who I am and I have lost me.  I had hit an all time low and felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I didn’t know where to start to get myself out of it.  Just prior to making the call, I had frozen on a work call and literally could not find any words – except to ask my colleague to help me. I needed to restore calm in my life and to find my personality again. 

I called Valerie and in her usual calm manner, she listened and reassured me that I hadn’t lost my mind and that what I was feeling was completely natural and that she could help me find the ‘me’ I had lost somewhere along the way.  From the moment I spoke with Valerie, l felt reassured, comforted and believed. I booked in for 3 sessions with her.  Immediately after my first session I felt lighter than I had in years – just like a large weight had been lifted from me. From that point onwards, the only way was up. 

I began to feel much better in myself, my personality returned and I embraced the newly found me. My confidence was at an all time high. My output in work soared and I was really happy in myself. So many things began to fall into place for me, with my closely kept hopes and wishes being fulfilled – and I firmly believe this is because Valerie opened me up and made me ready to accept what the universe was ready to send me.

Valerie has an amazing gift, is extremely empathetic and from the moment you speak to her, you feel like you could trust her with your darkest secrets.  I have recommended Valerie to my work colleagues and have even referred my daughter to her for help – and each and every time, Valerie performs nothing short of a miracle.

I cannot recommend Valerie highly enough, I am so thankful for having been introduced to her and hope to continue to have her in my life for a long time to come.

Sheila P.

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