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My Story

Personal & Life Journey

Valerie Dolan - Health & Wellness

Hello, I’m Valerie.

I am a Integrative Health Practitioner, Energy Practitioner, Personal and Life Coach with many years of treating clients in person and internationally using The Emotion Code among other therapies.

I use a holistic and integrative approach based on my body’s ‘unfolding journey’ with a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease and chronic back pain.

Having spent hours, days, weeks and months in and out of doctor’s surgeries, hospital waiting rooms and beds, plus a few visits to ICU – where it was touch and go a couple of times.

Helping others has become my passion, before this I worked in IT Financial Software support and consultancy. 

This gave me an edge in intuiting and drilling down to identify the core of where a client would have become stuck – like trying to create a new life with old thoughts, beliefs, perceptions! 

Understanding & Experience

Valerie Dolan - Health & Wellness

This skill set also enabled me to understand how to assist the client in accessing their own super computer to reprogram their thoughts to create the life they desired and to know the clear specific actions they needed to include to do that.  

Something in me from an early age truly believed that the body was able to heal itself from anything.  Yet I would have to experience many obstacles and enormous challenges to bring my my own body, mind, emotion and energy back to a balanced state of health and wellness.

During and throughout my journey it became my passion to understand and experience the unlimited possibilities of the universal loving intelligence and help others in their reaching better and higher levels of health and wellness in all areas of their lives.

Through my experience I learned that my ability to act is limited and my ability to respond is unlimited.  

I learned that my thoughts and heartfelt intention has a subtle and powerful impact on the state of my well being and the world around me.

So it is always my greatest intention to see with great CLARITY, develop and nurture TRUST and act with the greatest of INTEGRITY, as I work with and lead my clients through the miraculous journey of their unfolding life.

My other passions are being in nature usually walking, painting horses, listening and dancing to music when no one is watching. 

Most of my greatest learning comes from and through observing nature, so I invite and encourage my clients to open themselves to healing through natural methods as much as they can, so to experience the power and unlimited potential that lies within them.

Valerie Dolan

“For me, being a Coach and Therapist is a calling.

I am passionate about what I do.”

Valerie Dolan - Health & Wellness

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Valerie Dolan - Health & Wellness

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