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Valerie Dolan - Health & Wellness

In everyone of us lies an intelligence, that which makes your hair and nails grow, that which allows you to experience your five senses, that which brings a smile to our face and joy into our hearts.

This inner wisdom and intelligence is in all of us and it is always supporting you on all levels of your being to give you optimum health and happiness. When you feel pain or anxiety, sadness or guilt, this is your gift, your invitation that one of your four vital ways of being (mind, body, energy, emotion) are out of balance.

Simply put the body is in some ways operates as simple as an on and off switch or will talk to us in ‘yes’ or ‘no’. When we know what questions to ask the body’s intelligence it opens us up to the knowledge and intelligent love of the billions of processes that are happening within at all times.

 I am a skilled practitioner at connecting you to this intelligence, it then guides us to what the body, mind, energy and emotional aspects of you need to create balance in your life.

At this point your own innate healing ability kicks in and you clear memories in your cells that create discomfort, pain, stress and anxiety in the body and you are left with a cell of intelligence. It is like having a blank canvas with which you can create the life you desire in all areas ie. Health, career, abundance, leisure,

At the core of every being we want to feel and experience happiness, joy and peace. As part of a clients unfolding health and wellness I help to remove the blocks that prevent you from experiencing this and connect you to your own wisdom to create a life of happiness, joy and peace.

What I Can Help With

Valerie Dolan - Health & Wellness

If you find yourself suffering from any of the following then please feel free to get in touch for a FREE consultation TODAY!



Anxiety can be crippling, paralysing and control ones life. It can rise up from within anytime.

There is no one too strong, too successful, too powerful, too fit, too old, too young or too well to experience anxiety. Having experienced anxiety for many years I know how it feels.



Experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event/s on a short-term or long-term basis can lead to surface or deep anxiety or stress.

This can be the result of emotional abandonment, punishment, judgement, manipulation, blame, score keeping, rejection, loss of love, damnation, separation or banishment.

Pain & Chronic Illness

Pain & Chronic Illness

With the onset of an illness , chronic illness, pain, injury comes many implications and side effects.

We can initially feel shock and at the point of diagnosis depending on how it is relayed and go into fear based on our limited understanding.

Recovery Interference Energy

Recovery Interference Energy

Have you ever felt no matter what you do your going in a loop, creating the same pattern over and over.

I am seeing roadblocks with my clients healing when there is “Recovery Interference Energy”.

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Valerie Dolan - Health & Wellness

This free 30 minute consultation gives you a chance to ask any questions before your first session and to see if energy healing will help you. I will explain to you what it is that I do and how I remove blocks that are preventing you from healing or accessing your true potential in an of your life so you understand how it works.

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A Drug-Free & Natural approach to creating a healthier and happier life free from chronic illness related pain, stress and anxiety.

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