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AWARENESS is where we start when there is pain, then through ACCEPTANCE and SURRENDER, CHANGE emerges.

When in times of uncertainty we can tend to access deeper feelings and emotions that lie dormant in our DNA and have been inherited from our ancestors, culture and community. Some of these feelings are being scared, frightened, fearful, anxious, isolated, irritated, insecure etc,. From these feeling we begin to form thoughts. And whilst everyone is doing their best to adapt to momentarily changing circumstances, if these feelings and emotions that we access bring long term stress to our body and mind we can easily develop symptoms in our body that create pain, discomfort and eventually dis-ease. Our body’s intelligence is so amazing, it is what allows us to see, hear, touch, digest, laugh, run, walk without very little input from our conscious mind.

This loving intelligence is continuously supporting us and giving us optimum health. When we fall ill or feel pain we tend to believe that our body is letting us down in some way, this could not be further from the truth. This disappointment in our body can leads to frustration, irritation, impatience and even levels of anger so we are adding salt to an already difficult situation especially if this is a long term illness.

We rarely consider how we are communicating with our body, in fact we treat it like a work horse with little quality respite from our repetitive thoughts of wanting and desiring more from it. If you have an illness or chronic pain, take time and become aware of/listen to, how you are talking to yourself. If you are alone and you are in bad form, you are in bad company.

It’s time to stop projecting our stuff on others or simply suppressing/repressing these feelings we are experiencing that create a hostile environment inside our own mind’s and bodies that keep us in a toxic loop of feeling thinking/thinking feeling.
This feeling thinking/thinking feeling loop can be broken out of but first we must own up to it, become aware of it. Owning these feelings initially can create discomfort or resistance as we may believe there is something wrong with us, we are not good enough, in some way we are inferior.

I will let you into a little secret – much of the people around you are stuck in a similar loop in some part of their life. Trust me this is not a bad thing as we are on this earth and it is similar to a school, we are all learning, developing and growing. In my experience it is much more productive if we are willing to become aware of these subtle feelings that develop in to thoughts and emotions. Allowing to the surface that which stands in the way of us developing is a great thing, only then can we personally put the intention out of what it is we wish to create in our daily lives.

We are told we have free will but through the history of time in many cultures this free will has been damaged and fragmented through famine, war, poverty, injustice and some of this has perpetuated down through generations in our DNA. Now in this defragmented way we unknowingly sometimes impose our will on others. All parents have at sometime experienced the outcome of trying to impose their will on their child. With the best intention in the world they wish the best for their children but breaking a child’s will for example cuts deep into the their soul and the unique imprint they came on this planet to express. A conscious parent will always become aware that imposing their will or manipulating eventually has repercussions so they open themselves to a better way.

Imposing our defragmented will upon ourselves or where it is being imposed upon us unknowingly is where we need to look first. When we can understand the process that is going on in us and transform it then the world around us begins to change. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi. In a time of uncertainty becoming aware of the subtleness of our feelings before they become exaggerated through the human body chemical process within to destructive thoughts, emotions, words and actions and taking steps to develop this awareness is the most loving thing we can do for ourselves.

We are all searching for something better whether it be a healthier body, happier relationships, careers that we love etc., and most of our happiness is dependent presently on outside influences. We are witnessing slowly these outside influences crumbling which results in experiencing feelings that can create more pain, anguish, fear, uncertainty and so the loop continues. If we truly wish to experience and create lasting happiness we need to bring peace to the war within first.