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When a word keeps appearing in my mind I begin to ask questions, I begin to contemplate it, sometimes I make a cup of tea, pull up a chair and have a conversation with myself about it. Rather than putting the word into google or strike up a conversation with another outside person or source of information, I intentionally go within to find the wisdom. I become curious, being lighthearted, I feel into the discussion aiming to access the infinite wisdom that I am unaware of. I then get lightbulb moments or rubbish data and as I become aware of this and listen to my inner voice or momentum and follow that breadcrumb with anticipation and excitement.

So for me instead of making new years resolutions I become curious about the version of me that is showing up every morning with the potential of a blank sheet. A little like groundhog day. My intention here is that by the end of the day when I assess and celebrate my day I have much valuable guidance to start the next I have learned on waking each day to wonder what is possible?

For as long as I can remember, even as a child my body experienced pain, aches, shock like symptoms deep within the core of my body, so my stomach, abdomen and chest area would always have felt uncomfortable, nervous, anxious and then when I was in a hostile environment that level of discomfort would go through the roof. In my childhood I remember having sore throats, viral type symptoms, colds but the discomfort in my gut every time I eat was similar to if you can imagine eating steel wool. As the years unfolded I would have had many diagnosis, autoimmune, colitis, crohn’s, reflux, barett’s esophagus, accumulating to chronic illness. I, no more than most had my share of bumps along the road and unfortunately a few crashes too. Layer upon layer of experiences that were many times unfinished business and unprocessed emotions would take their toll as I neither had the tools or was part of an environment that had the wisdom to understand real potential.

My passion is not my purpose but my potential and when I look at my day this way I have access to an unlimited and infinite amount of possibilities. I feel blessed now to experience the benefits of observation which I develop each day with proven methods specific targeted meditation.. In the magnificence of each cell in our body is intelligence and information of which we are only using a dot in the size of the universe. In order for me to get well I have to get outside that dot with the intention of having a happier life, a healthier body and a greater relationship with myself and my creator.

To help you understand your life you must understand your magnificence. ‘In each cell in your body is the intelligence to create worlds and realities, in fact your creating your current reality’. If you could absorb this statement or be open to this possibility depending on whether you are happy in your current reality, the point is, you can change. Choice is whether you do it openly in playfulness and curiosity or doing the same old loop of hardship and paperwork.

To do it in curiosity you need to understand a little of how you are the way you are and allow yourself to be immersed in self compassion and celebration that you exist. To acknowledge the courage it has taken to be here in this time and to have overcome what you have to have made it here might be a suggestion.

When you were born into this life, lets say you were a blank canvas of unlimited potential. If you had been snatched away at that moment and dropped into the arms of a community that lived in unconditional love that supported and focus only on potential your life would be bliss, but I guess as you are reading this, like me you did not. At this point it may be a good opportunity to pause and reflect what is your awareness of who your parents, ancestors, society, community, religion, humanity thought they were. Interesting thing to do, what were their hopes and dreams?

What level of their magnificence were they being in the world when you were a thought of creation that would become manifest into a human child in this life. Were they aware of their programmed beliefs and behaviours of self care, self belief, self esteem, self confidence, potential in this life or were they aware of their programmed fears, failures, grievances short comings, their continuous unconscious belief of lack in all areas of their lives instilled in the memories of their cells , the place that some of their behaviours arose from. Would it be possible for us to reflect on this information with curiosity and creativity to uncover the layers of limitations that are standing in our way of being happy in this awareness?

For most it is only when we are shocked into reality of a moment of trauma, illness, injury, sudden death, fear of an unknown virus for example that threatens the fabric of the identity we have been building as a parent, friend, career, business, community, society or human identity that we can either stay asleep as a victim where we are powerless to our ignorance or shaken awake to our human potential.

When I became physically sicker every year and neither the level of consciousness in conventional medicine or complimentary medicine being practiced could offer me health and freedom I had to look a littler deeper and the only way was in. I was very fortunate to meet a couple of teachers that walked their talk and I am part of a community and family that believe in unlimited potential, that we are unique. They believe, experiment and live life as human creators.

For many years I thought there was something wrong with me as I felt I did not belong or fit in anywhere. On a surface level I could play the game but deep in me I felt and knew there was more to me and I wanted to experience it. I could not resonate with a lot of our cultural and religious dogma. I felt and experienced being terrorized by individuals in my immediate and expanded society based on their projections of fear, lack and ignorance, unhealthy beliefs, thoughts and dogma. I had to learn to own what is mine, transform it and also learn what was others and send it back.

I was born quiet sensitive which when not understood can be extremely challenging. I was deeply aware of peoples moods and learned in recent years that when I am in the presence of another I am actually feeling their emotions , feeling the stagnation of the dis-ease in their body and the funniest of all is I can sense and sometimes hear their thoughts. I would always have convinced myself this is not possible and deny it or really feel uncomfortable about it. In recent years I have began to master my abilities and know when my experiences are that of enmeshment with another or my own.

This has led me to being able to help people identify, release that which is getting stuck in their bodies and manifesting as anger, frustration, depression, anxiety, fear, confusion as I know we are all interlinked on a very deep level. I understand and experience life as the energy in motion of our spirit and soul and this allows me to less and less take things, peoples behaviour and illness not too personal.

Nikola Tesla one of the greatest philanthropists and visionary said ‘ if you wish to understand the Universe think of energy, frequency and vibration’. Hold the thought for a prolonged period of time and practice becoming the vibrational match to what you want. All you need to ask is WHAT DO YOU WANT? Get clear on this vision, hold that thought and vision as often throughout your waking and sleeping time. Become very clear on what you would feel when it happens?, what you would be thinking when it happened?, who would you be when it happened? START TO BE CURIOUS and playful with it is that you wish to achieve or create and be who you would be when it happens. It is a law of the universe. It must come to you, the more you do it, you draw it to you. When we consider and adapt this way of being and practice it daily despite what our programs, body behaviour or old beliefs tell us we become creators in the same likeness of GOD rather than being victims of our circumstances.

Over the next few weeks I will be launching my new website and I invite, encourage you to join me in my continuing journey of healing all areas of your life naturally. I do my very best to serve you, support you, guide you and expose you to my work and the work of many great authentic teachers who really walk the walk. There is a lot of valuable and free material available to get you on your journey.

There is no reason in this world where we are build space ships to go to mars that anyone should have to stay in a state of suffering and pain. If you are willing to take self responsibility and go on a journey of curiosity, light heartedness and willing to commit to you, learn self compassion then you are welcome to join me. Remember you may have a limited ability to act in all circumstances but you have an unlimited ability to respond (responsibility). Even a smile is a response. I look forward to meeting you and working with you.